Case Study


In 2012,’s founders, then based in Nelson, BC, had some ideas on how to improve engagement in their local community through a new online event and calendar sharing platform. When this high-tech startup initially approached Oyen Wiggs, they had little experience with intellectual property, or how it could support their business strategy. Working with our lawyers, they developed an intellectual property strategy to protect their ideas, secure investor funding, and grow their business.

Software patents are hard since the definition of software-based technologies that are eligible for patent protection has been in flux over the last few years. When first approached Oyen Wiggs, they were unsure what protection they could secure for their innovation, and if their business model could support the timelines and expenses required to secure a patent. Through levering their backgrounds in engineering and computer software, the lawyers at Oyen Wiggs worked with to identify patentable aspects of their calendar sharing technology, and crafted a patent application which struck a balance between breadth and patentability, while working within the budgetary constraints of an early stage venture.

Through careful drafting and vigorous prosecution, Oyen Wiggs was able to secure a US patent for’s innovative calendar software, which provided security for investor funding, and helped them expand their business. Along with securing patent protection, our lawyers have worked with to protect their brand and reputation, by applying for and securing trademark registrations in Canada, the US and other countries. Oyen Wiggs has been proud to partner with, and be part of their exciting journey.

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